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Kinship Leader
Frishia-treasurer (Rennesse)
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Welcome to Kreations

Welcome to Kreations!
The Home of Fun, Laughter and Good Memories!

Grab your hard hats! This site is still under construction!

Kreations Kinship Information:

Leader:  Frishia
Founded:  October 19, 2008
Founder:  Lostella (alt of Frishia)
Kinship Rank:  10
Kinship House:  1 Waterbank Road, Athrad Valen, Falathlorn Homesteads

Secondary Kinship:  Band of Free Peoples
Leader:  Ringola (Frishia alt on second account)
Founder:  Lysolas
Kinship Rank: 10
Kinship House:  7 Fairbank Lane, Athrad Valen, Falathlorn Homesteads 
(This kin is for storage purposes only, members not accepted).

All houses are located in Athrad Valen, Falathlorn Homesteads.

1 Waterbank Road, Kreations Kinship House
2 Waterbank Road, Frishia
4 Fairbank Road, Essenner
6 Fairbank Road, Megarda
7 Fairbank Road, Band of Free Peoples Kinship House (storage kin)
9 Haven Way, Sabrella
11 Haven Way, Lysolas

Edited 11-7-2010

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